Fuel oil biocide and slimicide

Product Benefits: Killem is an EPA registered product to be used as a biocide for the control of bacteria and fungi growths in oils and refined fuels.

Killem will control microorganisms in fuel oil storage tanks, fuel oil and other refined or partially refined oils. Killem will reduce tank corrosion, slime mats, odors, fuel oil filter deposits and corrosion, fuel-water separator deposits, injector plugging, excess carbon deposits and exhaust gas smoke. Killem helps sanitize your entire fuel tank.

Product Users: Killem can be used in Marinas, diesel fuel storage depots, auxiliary diesel generators, home fuel, railroad diesel and other users of hydrocarbon fuels, including gasoline exposed to storage humidity or contamination.

Killem is a water soluble product, EPA registered as a biocide for the control of bacteria and fungi growth in oils and refined fuels. Approved for use in California.

Product Characteristics:
Active Ingredients: 
Diethylene glycol monomethyl ether -86%
2-(Thiocyanomethylthio) benzothiazole - 2.5%
Methylene bis (thiocyanate) - 2.5%
Inert Ingredients: 9%
Density - 1.03 g/cm 
Flash Point - 70ºC (158ºF) 
Boiling Point - >100ºC (212ºF)

Killem is the most concentrated EPA registered biocide for fuels on the market.

Available in 3 size(s)

Description Item No. Treats (gal.) Case Count
16 oz. Bottle 90119 1280 12
5 Gal Pail 00191 51,200 1
55 Gal Drum 00120 563,200 1