Products By Industry

We have attempted to break down our customer base into groups. Please check the heading most related to your business. Please also take time to look at other headings for products that may apply to your individual needs.


Year Round and Winter Fuel Treatments for Trucks, Buses, Railroad, Automotive. Oil Treatments, Gear oils, Greases, Friction Modifiers/Friction Reducers, Specialty Treatments, EP Additives.


Marine Gas, Marine Diesel, Killem, Fuel Power, Truck Wash, Trailer Brightener, and Lustre Brite

Home Heating

FPPF HOT products for Fuel Oil Heating systems. FPPF's HOT division has the premier products for treatment of fuels for homes and businesses using Oil for heating. Products to prevent corrosion, clean fuel systems, stabilize fuel, remove water, prevent gelling and freeze-ups, and re-liquefy fuel already gelled.

We manufacture products for Kerosene, #1, #2, #4, #6, and residual fuels.

Bulk Fuel Storage & Maintenance

FPPF is the leader in the treatment of Bulk Fuels. With products to prevent corrosion, clean systems, stabilize stored fuels, disperse water, prevent gelling and freeze-ups, improve performance, and reduce emissions.

We can supply Premium Fuel programs for almost any fuel or need.


These products apply to equipment that receives very hard usage on an intermittent (seasonal) or regular (daily) basis. Some of these products have additional stabilizing agents to prevent the breakdown of fuels during long idle periods. Others have Heavier Duty ratings to protect delicate parts during periods of high usage.

FPPF has products to handle the specialized needs of this market.


Products for all power equipment including, Diesel Fuel additives, Gasoline Additives, Oil Additives, Grease, Gear Oils and treatments. Maintenance aerosol products.